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Zazen Sacred Icons

Welcome to Zazen

Meditation Incense, Mala Prayer Beads, Buddhist / Hindu Statues, Gifts and Books.

Welcome to The Dharma Store - the online store of Zazen (Sacred Icons).

We sell a wide range of Japanese and Tibetan Meditation Incense, Mala Prayer Beads, Buddhist / Hindu Statues, Gifts, Books, Singing Bowls, Prayer Flags and Zen Suits. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, our services, our website, our ethical policy, or would like information on meditation or Buddhist yoga and meditation groups, or if you need our WHOLESALE TRADE TERMS or a print catalogue, please 'contact us via this form' or on 01252 731333.

Our website prices have been updated to reflect the current rate of 20% VAT.

For MEDITATION CUSHIONS and BENCHES and organisations and other items related to Zen, meditation, etc., please click here.


Due to current economic impact on the exchange rate between sterling and Japanese Yen, cost of importing our Japanese incense has risen and we reluctantly have had to put the price of our Japanese incense up. We will endeavor to keep our pricing keen and will be reviewing this on an ongoing basis.

Mainichi Koh Incense Mainichi Koh Incense
Price: £10.95
Khatag Ceremonial Scarf Khatag Ceremonial Scarf
Price: £2.45
Morning Star Incense - Sandalwood Morning Star Incense - Sandalwood
Price: £2.95

Featured products
White Amida Buddha Statue
White Amida Buddha Statue
See details

Price: £24.99

including VAT of £4.17
Baieido Koubunboku Incense - box of 28 Sticks
Baieido Koubunboku Incense - box of 28 Sticks
See details

Price: £4.45

including VAT of £0.74
Aromatic Nagchampa Dhoop Incense Sticks
Aromatic Nagchampa Dhoop Incense Sticks
See details

Price: £1.95

including VAT of £0.33
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